Weaving project is established to promote weaving skills and natural dye. We have researched the traditional way of loom and method to produce the cloth by hand. We will combine the old and new ikat patterns from weaving process and dyeing technique to keep as handmade weaving fabrics and natural dyeing history.

We have four main activities to run the Kei Khmer Community. Each activities link each other to promote our goal and support each team work. These are our work:

  1. Weaving Hol Pidan
  2. Weaving Ikat Fabric
  3. Weaving  cloth and Scarf
  4. New Design and Innovation on present work to promote skills
  5. Sub-work to support all weaving

Two General Factors for Weaving Work in Our Community are Dyeing and Designing Pattern.

Main Colors of Natural Dyeing


Weaving Activities in Kei Khmer