Pidan Archive

The Main Scene of Buddha Life

The pictorial ikat cloth showed the main scene of Buddha’s story. The whole pidan cloth showed the difficult work of designing and dyeing process to produce as the cloth. The pattern was produced by master weaver with Khmer traditional hand made and natural dyeing. The design and natural dyeing were done by the emotion of traditional weaving lover. Most weaver didn’t want to produce the pattern because it took time and difficult to find customers to buy the pattern. These are main reason that make the pidan cloth expensive. The handmade and very hard work to produce the pattern with natural dyeing are forcing many weavers to find other work. Only the Buddhist’s follower committed to do the complex work.

The pattern is produced by person that gives value on traditional handicraft and belief on Buddha’s religion. The pattern is very meaningful and virtue for Buddha’s followers.

The whole cloth showed the main stories:

  • Leaving royal palace to find enlightenment
  • Achieve enlightenment
  • Nirvana

Pictorial ikat cloth ” Peacock and tree of life”

Khmer traditional Hol Pidan is produced by fine silk and hand weaving of Khmer loom. All design is made from natural dyeing of indigo dyeing and tree bark of prohout “Garcinia vilersiana”. The motif showed ship, tree of life and different kinds of birds and animals. It is used to hang on the wall.

Size: 94cm x 180cm

Code: PC-018

(Hand-woven and natural dyeing pictorial ikat cloth)



Natural dye of small pidan and putting into wooden frame to display on the wall or be a gift. It is the precious thing to show about hand-made product of Cambodian traditional ikat cloth. It is made from hand and natural dyeing.

The pattern shows many images like: ship, naga, fish, lion, birds, tree and decoration of some small patterns.

Pidan – Ships cloth with the pairs of Nagas

Pidan “Pictorial ikat cloth” was made from natural dyeing of indigo and tree bark of Garcinia vilersiana. The cloth was designed by  hand and handwoven to show ship “Sampov” with the pair of nagas, animal and nature to decorate the ship to upgrade the beauty of the whole design. A weaver spent around two months to design the pattern and one month to weave the pattern as pictorial ikat cloth.