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Pidan Displayed in Pagoda

Pidan is a traditional pictorial ikat cloth that Cambodian people produce it to donate to the monk in Pagoda. Most pidans were designed as a part of Buddhist story, previous lives of Buddha and a selected set of main story in the last of Buddhist life. Some pidans had the name of people in the border of pidan cloth.

Ang Andeth Pagoda is the very old pagoda and was repaired to keep the traditional belief that people used to donate pidan to display in the pagoda. The Pagoda located in Tangyab commune, Prey Kabas district and the East of Chiso Mountant.

Many pidan patterns were displayed under the roof of temple in Ang Andeth Pagoda. After Pol Pot regimes, many pidan clothes were damaged and destroyed.

Now there are some pidan clothes are displayed in the temple to show the traditional weaving pictorial ikat cloth for Khmer people to preserve the beautiful cloth of complex weaving work. It showed the patient work of weaver to overtake the very hard work in designing, dyeing and weaving to get a piece of cloth.