Kei Khmer is established to promote hand made products of weaving ikat fabrics and natural dye. We have tried to support village weavers to have jobs and get more income beside their rice field. In order to preserve the traditional skills of hand weaving, we have researched many kinds of natural resource, old designs of Khmer traditional patterns and new created patterns to introduce to new generation to know the age of non-technology. Moreover, we want to attract more people to support weavers’ and sewers’ products and assist them to continue their works. The project is important for our community people to get instant order and income to continue their weaving job. Kei Khmer has tried our best to find market and budget to support their weaving skills of specific communities in Cambodia.

We want to show Khmer’s culture and traditional weaving and natural dyeing to the world. Weavers, textile family, a group of ikat experienced members have participated in the project to promote our own Eco-friendly products in our community.

We have worked here to show our community weaving skills with natural dye and promote their income by supporting their skills to continue their work.

Our vision:

  • Promote Khmer traditional weaving and support weavers to preserve their skills.

Our mission:

  • Revive and combine the story of Khmer Traditional Weaving Skills and Natural Dye
  • Produce the real sample designs from our weaving performance
  • Cooperate with partners to promote our products
  • Research community resources to produce natural dye
  • Conduct special events to introduce our work.