Khmer traditional ikat cloth that Cambodian people called “Sampot Houl” are designed by hand with tie-dye ikat pattern. They are used weft to tie as different kinds of ikat patterns to produce as ikat cloth. We normally use warp with different plain colors to weave with ikat pattern to become a ikat cloth. Two different kinds of dyeing are made to produce ikat cloth.

First is natural dyeing that weaver used tree bark, leaf, fruit, plant and color from small insect. It is the hard work and spent much time to produce each color.

Second is chemical dyeing. Weaver uses dyeing powder from other countries to dye ikat cloth and other products. This way is easier than natural dyeing. Weaver change to do chemical dyeing because they save time and money to produce their ikat clothes.

If you want to know different patterns and dyeings, Please select more detail in images’ link:

Ikat Cloth (Na)


Ikat Cloth (Ch)